Janina Lorenci grew up in Slovenia and moved abroad in her teenage years to Paris, New York City and Amsterdam to pursue her musical studies and career in saxophone. Although thriving at her craft, winning international awards at music competitions and performing around the world, Janina soon realized her ambitions lie outside the world of music as well.


Having the need to be in touch with children and their go-to approach to life, Janina was babysitting throughout her years of studying. While doing so, she was seeking ways to combine her mastery and expertise in music with working with children. Janina sought out to discover what could be done in terms of exposing a child to a more colorful and creative world after school. She soon discovered that lessons in the field of art can and should be done in a more accessible and simplified way. Besides that, all of the artist friends she acquired had a side job that was not relevant to their profession, which she finds a great pity.


By setting up an agency that enables children to spend quality time learning about art as well as giving the artists an opportunity to work within their

field ignites Janina’s wishes and beliefs that the society as we know it will become more open, tolerant, interested and educated with and by art.