I am Ankita, an Architect by profession with a master's degree from India. I moved to the Netherlands last year and currently live in Haarlem.


I am focused on teaching arts and crafts that help a child to think in a 3 dimensional way. With 7 years of education in the field of architecture, I have had a vast experience working on physical models and craftsmanship. This helps me to tailor 3D craft sessions that involve more geometry and patterns for a kid.


I have been conducting workshops for kids aged 4 and above since last summer and have successfully completed about four major workshops since then during

1. Summer holidays of 2019 

2. Diwali festive celebration event at Haarlem 

3. Christmas 

4. Spring break

Apart from these workshops, I also conduct 2-3 hour fun hands-on art and craft sessions every week after school hours for kids in Haarlem.

My experience with childcare has developed since conducting these classes and have many parents giving positive feedback for my work. Parents feel secure and happy to leave behind their kids for creative sessions with me due to my friendly and playful nature with children of all ages, especially young kids.

Languages: English, basic Dutch


+316 3333 6112


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