Hello, I am Elisa and I am from Spain.


I have been playing viola since I was 8 and music has been with me even before, as my father is a musician and he made music since I was a baby. 

I do mostly classical music (from all periods: Baroque, Classic, Romantic...), but I also have recently started learning some jazz and flamenco music. 

I have always loved doing chamber music and orchestral projects, as music and sharing make the perfect combination to me.


In relation to children, I have had a few students aged 7-12 and I taught them some viola, violin, piano, and music theory.


Being an art-sitter is really nice, as children are always so grateful and open, and me as a teacher, I learn a lot sharing with them. Doing this, I can now join things which I really enjoy doing.


Languages: English, Spanish


+316 3333 6112


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