Hello! My name is Gabriel.

I live in Amsterdam since 2016, here I did my Master Studies in Film Composition at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil.

I work as a musician in many different areas. Composing, arranging, performing,

producing and… teaching! I love to teach, to share the knowledge and the passion for music.

My music education is diverse, going from Jazz to Classical, Pop and Brazilian

Music. My main instrument is the guitar, but I also play the flute.

When I am teaching, I like to understand the desires and motivations of the

student and develop our lessons based on that, always focusing on creativity and

joyfulness in the process of learning music. We can learn the guitar technique,

play musical games, listen to new music, train our inner musical perception,

learn songs, enter the realm of music theory and more – these are possible paths

we can walk together!

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish


+316 3333 6112


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