Helena, fine arts

Hello lovely people. My name is Helena and I am a 25-year-old girl from Poland.


I came to Amsterdam to study at Rietveld Arts Academie. I am very passionate about arts not only in terms of the end product but also of the process behind it. I think it's wonderful to teach children to express themselves and process their inner life through creation. Personally, it's very rewarding for me to spent time with children and their unique perspective and creativity.

In my past, I spent a lot of time with kids. I used to visit kindergartens in Poland to teach first aid. I also visited schools and centers for children with intellectual disabilities to provide Thai massage relaxation as I am a certified Thai massage therapist since this summer.


I would greatly appreciate if you trust me to be an artsitter for your family and I would definitely take that task with responsibility and excitement. Hope to hear from you soon!


Languages: Polish, English


+316 3333 6112


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