piano, singing, and ukulele

Hi, my name is Kristine, I'm 23 years old and I come from Latvia.

From childhood music always has been a big part of my life, since all my family is musicians. I grew up in a very creative atmosphere and that always brought a peaceful and inspiring way of thinking about life. That's what I like and always try to give to children while spending time with me. I think all children are naturally creative and to help with and see the way they use and develop their creativity always makes me smile.


I studied classical piano for 15 years then I transferred to jazz singing since I always had been singing before and loved it so much. Now I am studying Master's in Jazz performance in Conservatory of Amsterdam before I graduated in Helsinki's Sibelius academy. I still enjoy playing the piano and my new hobby is a ukulele. I had a course in pedagogy while studying in Helsinki, since then I have also enjoyed teaching children singing, playing the piano and enjoying music in general. I've worked with children both in Helsinki and Latvia during the last 3 years. 


Everyone is different! That is something I find fascinating to work with, it's always a new experience and a new challenge. I'm very excited to meet children in Amsterdam and to spend time together! 


Languages: English, Latvian, a little Russian


+316 3333 6112

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