My name is Mariantonia, but everyone calls me Tonia. I am a profesional natural horn player, originally from Spain and living in Amsterdam since 2013. 

I started playing the “galician” bag pipe at the early age of 4, fact that made me realize long ago how big of an impact the arts can make in the early stages of life for the future development. I started playing horn later, graduating from two Bachelor degrees in music and a master in cultural management. Then I came to Amsterdam where I studied my master in natural horn. The historical performance practice has shown me how music expresion is linked to human nature, and how beautiful it is to discover and develop that sensitivity from the very young ages. I am a lindy hop dancer, teaching in Leiden during 2018 and 2019.

I come from a very creative family where gradpa was a painter and my father had endless imagination. I have always being delighted being surrounded by kids. I worked as babysitter in Spain with babies from 6 months to 12 years old. Since I came to Amsterdam, I have being babysitting regularly, always involving music making, instrument building (you can build for instance a natural horn with garden pipe and a funnel), dancing and painting, as well as involving creativity in all the daily steps. I love history telling and recreating settings with them, expanding their boundaries of imagination, as well as they expanding my own.

Languages: Spanish, English, Valencian and Dutch (medium)


+316 3333 6112

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