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our artsitters

This list is only a short representation of our amazing team. For the full list and more information, please contact us.​


Francesco, DJ
Carlos, drums
Eloi, drums
Glòria, cello and painting
Marta, violin
Kristine, ukulele and singing
Nina, singing and theatre
Nuria, flute
Luka, saxophone
Kirsi, trumpet
Sense, Piano
Michele, clarinet
Alice, Flute
Anna, Cello
Elisa, Viola
Eirini, Violin
Milena, Piano
Aron, piano
Catarina, Saxophone
Eva, Oboe
Irene, recorder
Marta, Singing
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Theatre and Dance

Saskia, theatre and storytelling
Eirini, Storytelling
Pankaj, Theatre
Valeryia, Movement
Olga, dance
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Fine arts and crafts

Jordi, painting
Sara, visual arts
Katrin, arts&crafts
Hildrun, arts&crafts
Alice, visual art
Helena, fine arts
Mary, visual arts
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Helena, fine arts

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