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Book an artsitter

Handig. We komen bij je thuis en brengen alle apparatuur die nodig is om creatief aan de slag te gaan.​

How it works

Flexibel. Stem onze diensten af op uw behoeften met extra babysitten of het toevoegen van meer kinderen om er een feestje van te maken

Probleemloos. Bevalt de kunstactiviteit die je hebt geboekt niet? Geen probleem! Overschakelen naar  weer een activiteit in een oogwenk!

  • 1 Creative Session

    Perfect for trying out our services or planning a party
    6 maanden geldig
    • Includes an intake call with new customers
    • Additional €10 per child for party bookings
    • €40 Creative Session, €5 service fee
  • Most popular

    4 Creative Sessions

    The best way to explore one art form in a month
    6 maanden geldig
    • Flexible and convenient
    • Invite friends or siblings starting at €10
    • 4 x €40 Creative Sessions, €15 service fee
  • 10 Creative Sessions

    The most affordable option
    6 maanden geldig
    • Best price for regular customers
    • Offers flexibility to switch artists and add friends anytime
    • 10 x €40 Creative Sessions, no service fee

Transparent pricing

1 Creative Session (45 min): €40

A session can be extended to 60 minutes for an additional €15.

  • Arts & Crafts: drawing, painting, clay modeling, woodworking, sewing, mixed media

  • Music: singing, piano, flute, recorder, guitar, violin, cello, double bass, drums, saxophone, clarinet, oboe

  • Dance: hip-hop, ballet, breakdancing, modern

  • Theatre: acting, literature, storytelling

Additional children: €10

Every additional child (friends or siblings) that joins the creative session. Invoiced separately each month for your flexibility.

Babysitting (60 min): €15

Plus €2/ hour for every additional child (friends or siblings).

Invoiced separately each month for your convenience.

Additional costs:

  • Service fee (administration for babysitting, adding extra kids, emergency replacement etc.): €5/booking (max. €15 per month)

  • Art supplies and musical instruments*

  • Transportation costs*

  • Cancellation fee: Free until 24 hours before. Otherwise €20. 

*Prices may vary, consulting required

Do you have any questions about our pricing, or are you interested in a different package? Contact us right away.

Give the most creative gift of all!

Spread the joy of creativity with a gift card from Artsitters. 

Gift it to parents, grandparents or children directly. 

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