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Collage & Optical games

English and Spanish

My connection with childhood has existed since I was a child myself. I always enjoyed playing pretend as a teacher and teaching younger children around me. Over time, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work on various projects focused on children. Some of them include organizing workshops to teach them about proper nutrition and environmental care.

My experience includes working as a producer in children's programs and directing audiovisual workshops for children and young people. Additionally, I had the privilege of volunteering at the "Girls Without Fear" foundation, where I dedicated myself to exploring various activities to instill essential values in girls, such as bravery, self-love, independence, and curiosity.

During my first year in the Netherlands, I had the experience of working as a nanny, which allowed me to further strengthen my connection with the little ones.

Apart from my involvement with children, I cultivate my creative spirit through various forms of expression such as collage, writing, and stand-up comedy. Audiovisual production has also been a fundamental part of my life, allowing me to engage with diverse creative processes and providing me with extensive knowledge to unleash creativity.

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