Nuria, flute

Dear Parent,

My name is Nuria and I have studied music since I was a child. I have a Bachelor degree in The Basque Country Music School (Spain) and a Master degree in flute at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Now I am specializing in Early Music Performance (baroque flute).


I have been teaching flute and music language for about ten years now, to students of all ages (from 3 years-old to adults), and teaching is one of my passions. I like to find a source of inspiration and knowledge in every student I have, and this always constitutes a marvelous challenge. My lessons do not only have a technical approach: they are a continuous search of the best way to make music while we learn how to play a musical instrument. Our main goal is having fun in an artistic way.

Since we work individually, I make a fair point in adapting my lessons to each child's progress and character. And apart from that personalized treat, music is a social activity. This means that concerts can also be organized so that the whole family is able to enjoy music together.


I have a vast experience in babysitting. Parents often mention that the way I talk to their kids and some expressivity I show in what I do makes them like me very quickly. I am looking forward to combining this activity with music teaching.

Languages: Spanish and English, French, and Dutch (basic).


+316 3333 6112

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