Who are artsitters?

  • Emerging Artists of the highest caliber looking for a job that will support and foster their artistry

  • Current students or alumni of any art-related institution (music, dance, theatre, fine arts...)

  • Experienced in working with children and over 18 years of age

  • Read more about our selection and recruiting process here

  • Click here to know more about them!


What are the responsibilities of an artsitter?

  • Most and foremost, creating a safe environment where your child is open to new creative experiences

  • Teaching music, dance, theatre, and art at the highest possible level

  • Welcoming a creative mindset to every household

  • Providing the right supplies so the art-lessons can take place without problems. (In case the art-sitter is unable to provide all the materials, such as a musical instrument, our team will be there every step of the way to make sure to simplify these obstacles and make this an enjoyable experience for everyone).

  • Depending on the type of childcare selected, our art-sitters are also happy to help with school pick-ups and other traveling tasks, light housekeeping, cooking and Late/Date-night sitting


What activity is best for my child?

Do you want your child to have a creative after-school life, but aren't sure exactly what would be the best fit? We understand that selecting the right creative activity can be difficult, as there are so many great ones to choose from (musical instruments, dance, theatre, art...).


Book a free consultation meeting with our manager at your own home, where we get to know your child, your family and match you with the best creative solution! You can get a complete overview of our artsitters and our services. 



Can I hire an artsitter without booking the meetings?

Fill in this form if you want to book an individual service without commitments and we will get back to you within 24h with the best solution. Please know that our agency believes in a personalized approach to childcare so the meetings aren't obligatory, but preferred. Please be aware that whoever books the assessment meeting might get priority as they book our services much in advance, and for a longer period of time. 



Do you offer only babysitting without the art lessons?

Yes, we do.

Fill in this form for a direct inquiry or simply contact us for more information.

Although our main goal is to provide your child with active creative lessons and activities, we understand that you might need our services at times when art lessons cannot take place. Our artsitters are all amazing caregivers and are recruited as babysitters too.


Is there a minimum amount of lessons per activity?

There is no minimum, but we recommend at least 4 lessons for the optimal exploration!