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My name is Pankaj and I am Indian. I am a theatre-maker, actor-trainer, educator, and curator and I have been continually using Art for Education and development. Moreover, that is why one of my masters is in Education.


In the past, I served as creative director of The Fotons, a performance-based group from India between March 2011 to June 2019. I have been working as a consultant/facilitator for various schools and organizations.
I am currently pursuing my third masters from DAS Theatre, Amsterdam University of the Arts
. I have been invited by Zurcher Theatre Spektakel 2019, Zurich to be an Artist in resident. I have also been part of several art residencies and gathering including IETM 2018, Croatia, First International PLayback Gathering for youth in India, Theatre of the Oppressed residency, Cairo, Egypt, Playback residency, Tejgadh, India, etc


I am currently living in Amsterdam, and I love the place and culture and enjoying it. When it comes to children, they play a significant role in my learning. Most of the things I learn in my life comes while working with children. Working with children demands you to be curious and always come up with something new, which is not pre-designed, and that's where you use your creativity and patience. This is why, while creating theatre pieces, I kept working with children from schools, organizations or communities. 


Languages: English


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