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Artsitters in Het Parool!

Updated: May 4, 2022

We are incredibly proud and happy to be published in Het Parool on April 15th.

Interview Art-Sitters links creative people to children. They can take lessons via video chat. This is valuable right now, says founder Janina Lorenci (26).

Noor Lagendijk15 April 2020

Art-Sitters couples creative people to children. Are you a creative person? "I am a graduated saxophonist from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and grew up in the art world because of this." How did you come up with the idea for Art-Sitters? “I was a babysitter for a long time and discovered how curious children are. I was wondering, how can I make their time more creative? I linked them to my artistic friends. That became a business, even before corona. ” What work do artsitters do and who are they? “Everything: from artists and drawing teachers to musicians. The lessons are not pre-recorded. That way it stays personal, just like when the guitar teacher comes over. ” But the same teacher cannot tune the guitar: he is not there. “Artsitters adapt every lessons to what is possible. Children use what is lying around the house. Music can also be made with pots and pans. Or storytelling, in which groups of children make a story with a writer or theater maker. What they miss most is building something together and we can provide that. ” What does a lesson cost? “An online lesson costs 30 euros. If you hire an artsitter, you support this artist. That is also an important starting point for my company; to keep the art world alive together. ” You also host virtual concert series: the Living Room Tales. “We give a concert every Monday evening dedicated to families whose parents work in healthcare. These parents have their hands full, so we wanted to do something special for their children. Major classical artists - who normally perform worldwide - now perform via Zoom. Last Monday that was pianist Anna Fedorova. Just from her living room. ”

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