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Updated: May 4, 2022

Dear families and everyone who is helping making art and education matter!

We hope you are coping well in these times and that you are healthy and in good spirits! We understand it is hard to cope with everything that you have going on at home, juggling working from home while keeping your kids safe, entertained and educated.

Since it is unsafe for the time being for our artists to teach their art at families' homes, we've quickly adapted our services and taking them online. Our mission to explore and nurture children's artistic talents and support the artists continues!

We have many artists that are happy to connect with you and engage with your children, teaching them how to draw, paint, dance, play a musical instrument, or simply read books together.

All you need is internet connection

Our artistters will prepare a lesson based on the materials that you already have at home.

Unlike other pre-recorded online lessons on the market, ours are completely live and tailored to your needs. Every lesson is unique and personalised!

We are offering special prices for online sessions until the covid-19 crisis settles down. A lesson lasts from 30-45 minutes and costs 30 EUR.

The vast majority of the profit goes directly to the artists, to support them in these difficult times.

Please contact us and we'll be happy to link you with your artsitter immediately!

Stay healthy and safe and, of course, creative!



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