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Recruitment and Screening 

It is our priority to ensure your children have a safe, creative and fun time with their artsitters.


We have made a simple, yet effective recruiting and screening plan that all our artsitters need to comply with before joining our amazing team. 



Experience with childcare

All our artsitters must have experience of working with children. We make sure their experience is relevant to teaching and/or babysitting.

Background check

We put safety first but embrace the diversity of all genders, nationalities, race, religion, etc.

We have a clear overview of their past and present, educationally and professionally. 

Motivation and References

Our artsitters all share a unique perspective on childcare. Besides providing a safe environment for the children, they share a mission to help them grow and learn through art. Their motivation is enhanced with recent references of their past childcare experiences.

In-person meetings 

We meet every artsitter in person and make sure their personality and artistry match what our agency is looking for. We are also organizing seminars and workshops on babysitting, childcare and art pedagogy.

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