My name is Sara, I'm an illustrator, designer, and ceramist from Portugal that is living in Amsterdam since April 2019.


Growing up, I always wanted to be involved with the world of art.


I studied at the School of Communication and Media Studies in Lisbon graduating in Audiovisuals and Multimedia. There I learned things such as sociology studies, video, photography, design, publicity, marketing, etc. After that I enrolled in acting, healthcare assistance and screenprinting classes; workshops in macrame, tapestry weaving, punching needle, embroidery, riso printing, etc. Later, I took postgraduate studies in Storytelling.

Recently, I am mostly working with ceramics. I'm now creating my own pieces as a member at Studio Pansa.


I helped taking care of two little brothers when volunteering and I have been wishing to work with kids more and more since. I think children have so much potential as artistic creators and it's our duty as grown-ups to help them discover that. It's very sad to see children being educated away from the arts, denying them the fun moments that they can have with it.


Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, learning Dutch