storytelling and theatre


Do you remember „The little Prince“? 

Do you remember how much this story supported you in your childhood, through your teenage years? 

Maybe it still is a supportive element in your life? 


In summer 2018 I was hitchhiking through Europe with my tent. Money was little but the adventures big. One day, in France, I decided to perform on the streets. Wandering through the streets of Orléans, thinking which performance to present, „Le petit Prince“ fell into my hands. I rolled out my scarfs and fabrics, approached families on the street and started to read this special book. I received hugs and tears, smiles and high-fives. What more do you need? 


Living in Amsterdam as a freelancer in the performance&theaterworld with my (puppy)dog, Lilou (who also loves people, especially when they are her size), I am looking forward to more interactions with children. I started working as a babysitter when I was 15 years old. Each family helped me in my creations, they inspired me, they asked critical questions and they showed me new worlds of fantasy. 


I tell stories, but these stories are filled with the images of the children. We create them together. We jump into the different roles and costumes to bring the spoken words alive. 


Languages: German, English, Dutch


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