Oboe, singing, guitar

Spanish, English

My name is Ainhoa (like “I know a”) and I am from Salamanca, Spain. I am 23 and I’m studying my masters at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. I speak English and Spanish.
I have been studying oboe and jazz singing mostly, but I am an improviser as well. On my own, I have been learning to play guitar and ukulele to accompany my singing with chords. I think improvisation of any kind through the voice is the most natural approach to music, and that’s how I started as well, by singing and improvising over any kind of song that I liked. Then I started playing the oboe and learning classical music but improvising as well.
I have been teaching kids of 6 to 13 years old oboe lessons, singing lessons and helping with music theory and harmony. To help myself, I use the piano or the guitar to understand chords and make it practical.
I enjoy teaching a lot. I try to adapt my lessons with the necessities of the students to be able to connect with them and make the learning process something engaging and fun. In this process, I learn a lot as well!