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German, English, Italian, French, basic Dutch


My name is Alberto and I am 21 years old.

I am Italian but grew up in Munich, Germany.

I am currently studying Modern Theater Dance at the Academy of Theater and Dance in Amsterdam. I am an energetic, curious and open-minded artist, with a background in Urban Dance, Contemporary and Ballet.

Growing up in a family neighbourhood, I would often babysit for friends and neighbouring families. I have worked as a tutor, helping pupils in subjects such as English, French and Math as well as supervised kids on a language trip abroad and on a holiday sports camp. Thanks to these experiences, I have been able to teach and interact with children of all ages and different cultural backgrounds.

I have taught weekly Hip-Hop dance classes for children and teenagers. This has been a very enriching experience to me. I love the freedom dance gives and how every child moves in such a unique way. I have also choreographed larger group dances.

I would love to continue this type of work as an ArtSitter, creating a space for children to explore, be imaginative, express themselves and have fun with dance.

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