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English, Dutch

Hello, I am Alex!
I have worked with kids before and would describe myself as quite playful and patient.
My goal is to encourage the spark of creativity in kids through music and art but also to offer more formal games that teach kids how to write a song. Having myself grown up with ADHD and high functioning autism. I can offer the patience needed to taking care of neurodivergent kids. I see now that song-writing played a crucial role in learning to do what most people pick up quite naturally (Learning to listen to others, Articulating thoughts verbally, Organising myself, Emotional literacy).
At the age of twenty, on the side of my studies at Trinity Laban conservatoire for music and dance, I began volunteering with Southwark Youth Service. I learned how music can help kids to develop their confidence, social skills such as “how to listen” to others, but also can provide a framework to build a discipline. I also volunteered with Tender in Hackney facilitating songwriting workshops for kids with learning disabilities. Songwriting combines a playful lateral thinking that can improve language skills, but also discipline of practicing music which together is a great foundation for kids to find their voice.
I also give music lessons to teach people to play by ear and to improvise. My other qualifications are Songwriting (1-year certificate, ICMP, London), Audio Visual studies (BA, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam).

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