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Arts & Crafts

English, Spanish, (basic) French and Italian, (learning) Dutch

Hi! I’m Alexandra, 30 years old sustainable architect and designer.

I’ve been living in Amsterdam for the past two years, working with various local artists on preparing beautiful street installations and art. Our surroundings shape us every day without even knowing and it’s so important to understand how the world of children works so we can shape it in such a way that they never lose creativity and imagination.

My experience with getting around households comes from taking care of the younger ones as a babysitter and the teaching experience by tutoring kids in technical drawing classes. I have also been part of organizing children’s workshops ‘Playing architecture” where we would let children design together the perfect house and then build it together from recycled materials.

I am a calm and reliable person and always having a positive attitude. I can bring paper, cardboard, modeling clay, colors and different drawing tools.

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