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Oboe & Theatre

English, Catalan, Spanish

My name is Cèlia and I am 25 years old. I was born in a very nice medieval city called Vic, closed to Barcelona, in Catalonia. In 2018, I moved to Amsterdam, where I did my oboe masters’ studies in classical and contemporary music.

My main goal is trying to put the oboe in the artistic scene, moving the instrument for the classical context into another dimension, more related to theatre, dance, visual arts…

I started my musical education at the age of six, playing piano. I conducted for five years a children’s choir in which I also sung when I was a child and I have eleven years of dance education, combining ballet and contemporary dance. Moreover, while doing my oboe bachelor in Barcelona, I studied Humanities degree. I also babysat my neighborwhile I was in my hometown.

My interest in arts has been essential in my life since I was a child. And that is why I think it is really important to involve children into it. There are plenty of good benefits from being in contact with artistic disciplines and connected them to your children’s daily life.

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