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Arts & Crafts

Catalan, Spanish, English, learning Dutch

I’m Cèlia (27) a Catalan girl living in Amsterdam since the end of January. I speak Catalan, Spanish, English, and I’m learning Dutch. I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was older, that made the more conventional subjects in school difficult for me, but at the same time I had great creativity and imagination. I guess that's where my passion for art comes from and led me to think the importance to promote and introduce the arts to the children to have an integral and good development, and the opportunity to explore another way of thinking, and explore their own creativity, world and emotions through the arts.
When I was a kid I sang some years in the choir of my town, and I took part in theater plays. Apart from that I studied two years of drums, and four years of dance. Also, I graduated in dramatic art, in infantile education and currently I’m studying pedagogy. I have to say that from the start of my degree in Pedagogy, I am clear about the interests that move me and therefore where I want to direct my future: working with the arts in a holistic way, introducing it to school, bringing it closer to children who do not have access to it, using it as a mediation tool, therapy, working on emotions, do arts projects as a social and educational tool, etc. Because, in my opinion, art and culture are very powerful tools that are not given all the relevance they deserve, despite clear evidence of the benefits of their practice.
Apart from providing you with this more artistic, motivational, academic background, and sensitivity to the field, I have more than five years of experience working in the world of leisure with children of all ages, where I applied the artistic (theater, music, narrative, handicrafts, painting, plastically experimentation, etc.) and pedagogical knowledge that I was acquiring, apart the other psychology and art therapy courses. In
addition, I have the tittle of leisure time instructor, among others. I’m looking forward to have the opportunity to grow professionally and personally and contribute in the best possible way to the development of the children.

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