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Spanish, English, Dutch, French, Polish

Hello, I am Cecilia! I was born in Belgium but was raised in Spain.
I have just started my master in classical music at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam as a cellist.
Before coming to the Netherlands I have taken care of small kids as a babysitter. My parents are both musicians in an orchestra and I have taken care of their colleagues’ children many times. I have always liked doing it because spending time with kids can be so fulfilling and we can learn so much from it.
Also as a cellist I have had the opportunity to teach cello lessons to small kids sharing all what I have learned with them, trying to show them a bit of what I do or helping them to progress as little musicians and artists. I think this task is really important, we need art in our society and the sooner kids start to get in touch with it, they develop their emotions, feelings and creativity.

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