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Hi! I’m Charlie, a 30 years old artist and musician who graduated in medicine ;) .
My background in arts is music. I am a bass player but most of what I do is producing. What does producing mean? Producing is basically making things happen. Once you have a recording who is going to make the art cover? Hey, but it would be nice to have a video. This is my job: I make things happen. And this is my goal when it comes to education. The vision that no matter what is the initial artistic urge we have, we will find the tools to express it.
I love teaching. I have been teaching bass guitar, music harmony and ensembles for nine years. I also created
my own educational project where kids would create their own videoclips. I want to bring this concept to my
lessons. Explore with kids how to create using the tools we have around: writing, creating stories, making songs or doing a video.
One of the most valuable virtues of arts education is to share the love of being creative and proactive.


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