Arts & Crafts

English, Chinese, basic Dutch

Hi, I am Chloe from China.

I am a big art enthusiast working in the creative field. I studied media design at Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam and graduated in 2017, and then move to Amsterdam. My work involves watercolor, acrylic painting, design, and filming. And I love to teach kids art!

I always like to teach and share my knowledge with young people. In 2012 I worked as a tutor in a training course to supervise teenagers who want to go to art school, give workshops and help them to make a good art portfolio. In 2018, I volunteered in Indonesia to teach the local kids basic English. In the end, all of the kids from that village joined the class, and we had an amazing time together. Apart from that, most of my career experience related to art and design.

In my class, I can teach kids about watercolor, color pencil/pens, make easy handcrafts, also magazine/newspaper collage. It will be a fun and inspiring experience!