Dance and Theatre

Dutch, English

My name is Devika and I am a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on performance art and
choreography. I am currently studying at the Academy for Theatre and Dance and will graduate
this year. Apart from performance art, I am just a lover of art and creativity in it’s broadest sense.
Regarding relevant experience: In my previous bachelor, Dance in Education, I got to dive into
the art of teaching and learn about pedagogies finetuned to different ages. I have experience in
teaching expressive movement and improvisation classes to children, my youngest student being
3 years old. Furthermore, I have also taught urban dance classes to children, teenagers and adults.
Other than that, I grew up in a large family with a lot of cousins, so being surrounded by children
is second nature to me. Currently I am also babysitting my little nephew atleast once a week and
he keeps me well informed about the perks of being a kid.
Since I was born and raised in Amsterdam, it means that I’m a Dutch native speaker. So I’m also
open to combine artsitting with a soft learning of the language through creative games.
I think children are our teachers when it comes to creativity, curiousity and being in the moment,
so I’m looking forward to surround myself with these influences as an artsitter!