Dutch, English

Hey, my name is Dorinde, I am 29 years old and I live in Haarlem. I love taking care of children and since the age of 16, I have worked as a child care worker, for which I have accomplished 2 different studies. In total I have 8 years of work experience at several daycare centers. To expand my knowledge in different areas, in 2017 I finished my HBO study in Tourism Management. However, I could not let go of working with children and currently I am working with much enthusiasm at an anthroposophical daycare centre.

From a young age you would probably find me drawing or crocheting. Since the last years, I have been very interested in the meaning of life and started drawing intuitively. I have a great sense of responsibility, I am patient and a balance between the earthly and heavenly is important to me. I volunteer at New Enlightenment, a spiritual platform to support the awakening process. On this platform I also share my creative works. Currently I am focusing on energetic healing, to help as many people as possible in various ways.

By drawing intuitively I hope to inspire and affect people in a positive way.I think it is important to work together in a society in which both young and old feel comfortable and can be themselves. It is special to see children’s processes and to support them in this. In addition, I think in these hectic times there needs to be more attention for people’s feelings and a great way to explore this is by being creative. I want to help children with expressing their feelings, by focussing on their creativity. It is wonderful to make drawings and be creative together and let all your feelings speak!