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Spanish, English, Catalan

My name is Eloi and I was born in Galicia, Spain.

I am a drummer currently studying jazz in the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Since I was 13 I’ve been playing with many bands of different genres, going through rock, pop, metal, punk, and funk, but for the last six years, I’ve been slowly transitioning to jazz, in which now I’m 100% involved in performing. I also started producing and mixing other bands at age 16 in my own home studio.

Being able to see and approach drums in a band context for half of my life has allowed me to realize how tremendously powerful drums are (just like an orchestra conductor) and made turn them into a source of creativity and fun. So my main goal both as a student and teacher is to focus only on the music that produces joy to build from an early age a passion for music and a healthy relationship based on curiosity and pleasure. The need for more tedious things like music theory and technique will come by itself eventually from the will of the student to perform and understand music at a greater level.

I’ve been teaching kids and adults since I was 17, from one-to-one to ensemble lessons. I also thought classical percussion in a music school in Spain, since before moving to the Netherlands I was combining drums with classical music studies.

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