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Arts & Crafts

English, Dutch

Hi there! I’m Fanja, a 25 year old student from the Netherlands, living in Amsterdam. I study Art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, where I mostly work with painting, illustration, storytelling, and some animation and film.
I have 10 years of experience with babysitting for all ages (0-14), and am a devoted aunt of 4 kids I look after frequently. I love being creative with children and I have taught art classes before, as a volunteer abroad in summer camps for art and at home. Before I moved to Amsterdam, I studied classical piano at ArtEZ and have given piano lessons to young children before (ages 6-9). I have seen how children can flourish when expressing themselves creatively and musically. I like to guide them in this, and would describe myself as patient and kind. I also have experience tutoring children and teenagers with physics and maths, as I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Astronomy, and love telling stories about the wonders of space! Dutch is my mother tongue, I am fluent in English (I have lived in England), and I understand some French and German.

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