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Dance and Theatre

Dutch, English, a bit of German and French

Hello! My name is Flore.
I am 31 years old. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, but have a very international network of friends and colleagues.
I speak Dutch, English, a bit of German and French. Okay, and some words of Greek, Italian and Spanish.
I am a contemporary dancer, performer and I teach dance, (athletic/acrobatic) movement, theatre and improvisation.
I have been teaching and working with kids and teenagers for over 12 years now. Next to teaching I have experience in daycare, summer camps, babysitting, individual guidance/mentoring.
My classes always depart from playfulness and curiosity. I trigger the imagination and creativity of the kids. This way they don't just learn steps or choreography, but they learn creative tools and a mindset that they will boost their confidence and joy in other situations too. Developing through playing and exploring.
Other disciplines I like: visual arts, photography and fashion. These I can throw into the mix when needed.

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