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Electronic music

Italian, English

‘’Creativity is intelligence having fun’’ - Albert Einstein

Hello! I am Francesco, a sound artist with a background as a musician, audio engineer, and event curator. I am currently involved in activities like DJing, playing in a band and, off course, teaching art to children.
My approach to music began when I was 6 years old when I used to play the piano and drums. 10 years later, I got my first computer and from that day I never quit to compose electronic music.
I achieved a bachelor's in electronic composition in the conservatory of Rome and now I am attending a master's program in live electronics at the conservatory of Amsterdam.

I want to share with children my passion for listening and giving the right importance to the sounds we hear.
My lessons accommodate all levels of ability or music styles, always keeping the right balance between the playing part and the learning part.
After a few lessons, the child will be already able to play the first DJ set or/and own electronic composition, and as a side effect will also learn about computer language: creating files, create and delete folders, learn shortcuts, learn how to download music from internet and all the basic of managing files with laptop!

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