Flute, Arts & Crafts

Slovenian, Croatian, English, basic German

My name is Hana and I was born and raised in a small Slovenian village Hotavlje.
Most of all, I am fulfilled by working with people. I regularly preform for a group of senior citizens
and volunteer on a summer camp for people with disabilities in Kančevci, Slovenia. This Summer I
organized a Music summer camp for over 30 kids in Hotavlje, Slovenia, which was for me one of the
most inspiring experiences and I am going to lead it also in the coming years.
I am very inspired to work with children, the part of society that carries the most hope for the future,
that is not burdened with prejudices, worries and standards and is most open for learning. I am very
much looking forward to meeting the children, creating art and playing music with them and of
course, most important, to have fun together.
I have years of experiences in babysitting and some in flute teaching. At the Homestead Tešnak I lead
art and music workshops for children aged from 7 to 14 years and music workshops for families.
I love to hike, watch birds, make pottery and my own jewellery.
I am currently studying flute at Conservatory van Amsterdam.