Arts & Crafts

Dutch, English, Spanish (intermediate)

Hello my name is Helena Arturaleza (28 years young), I am a Dutch artist born and raised just north of Amsterdam. I am a spontaneous and kind young woman with a passion to explore life to the fullest and I would love to share this passion with your child. Children are very much in tune with their imagination; this motivates me to stimulate their joy in self-expression. My previous experiences of working with children have been very positive. I easily connect with children and can understand them very well, as the inner child that loves to explore and wonder is still alive in me. ‘The creative adult is the child who survived’
You can create anything you want: this is something I want to teach to children. It is not only what you create on the canvas, your life is your creation. Art can be used as a way to think positive. Art can be used as a way to observe the beauty of life. I would love to bring children in touch with nature and their self-expression. I want to teach children to focus on the positive, to appreciate life, to love themselves and to explore their creativity. In the workshops I invite the children to explore their inner beauty and to explore their dreams.

Since childhood I have loved to create and express myself through dance, poetry, music and painting. I have been working as a professional artist for 9 years. I was asked to teach Art to fellow students during my Media & Design education at age 19. Afterwards the world was my teacher and I embraced life as a traveler and taught myself how to paint. After several years of experience I studied with different artists at the Vienna Academy of Visionary art. I have traveled all over the world; during these travels I have created many murals and I have been live painting at events and exhibiting besides worldly influential artists on various Festivals. Art has been my medicine, art has been my healing and it has been my mirror. Color is medicine; with my art I portray the interconnectedness between humans and nature. I strive to capture the essence of nature and the essence of who we truly are. Right now I am studying artistic dynamic coaching. I strive to become a self-expression coach and to help adults and children to get in touch with their way to self-expression.

My goal is to help the next generation to get a sense of purpose and stimulate their self confidence in what they love to do.