(Mural) painting

Spanish, English, Catalan, learning Dutch

I am Jordi, born in Menorca, Spain.

I was introduced to art by my family and my place of birth - the island of Menorca - was a propitious and inspiring environment.
My art studies offered me knowledge in diverse disciplines - drawing, painting, video and mural paintings. This encouraged my open-mindedness to methods, languages, and representation. After six years of living in Barcelona for studies and work, I decided to look for a calm place to develop my artistic production. Luckily, The Netherlands infuses me with tranquility and a perfect balance.

Currently, I am busy approaching art through the practice of mural paintings, which I see as a way to entertain, learn about art and return to the playful activities of childhood.

Throughout my life, I had a special interest in teaching art to children. I have given decorative mural painting courses to mute and deaf children as well as being an instructor in a Boy Scout lay center for children giving out excursions and art entertainment activities. In addition to that, I have always been surrounded and taking care of the new generations of children in my own family.


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