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Arts & Crafts

English, German, Dutch

My name is Katrin and I am originally from Austria and have been living in lovely Amsterdam for 5 years.

I came to Amsterdam to study Arts and started with textile design at the Gerriet Rietveld Academie, lately, I am a student at the Academie for Theater and Dans, where I study Scenography (stage and costume design) to come closer to my dream of working in a (kids-)theater!

I went to a specialized High School focussed on Kindergarten-teaching since children have always been a big part of my life.
I grew up with 3 siblings and a big community which allowed me to start very early on with babysitting, after graduation I worked part-time in various kindergartens for 2 years while I was studying jewelry and metal design.

I occasionally babysit for a few families since I moved to Amsterdam, and for a while, I organized creative workshops for kids of my neighborhood; my idea was to give kids space where they can get triggered to be creative.
There is so much creative potential sleeping in children and it gives me a tremendous amount of joy to see that and help them express it!

I like to experiment with kids and let them playfully figure out what they can do with various materials. I like to sew, make jewelry, do woodworking, knitting and play the cello.

I would like to bring wood, textile, metal, wool and whatever interesting things we can find, closer to children and make it ours.

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