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English, Dutch, Finnish

My name is Kirsi and I am a Finnish musician and music teacher living in Amsterdam. My skills are found in trumpet playing, singing, composing and songwriting. I can also play some piano and an African instrument called mbira, and I have a good understanding of music theory. I studied trumpet and vocals in the Jazz Department of Conservatorium van Amsterdam 2015 - 2019 and before that in Pop & Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki. I love to play, sing and compose for my own group called KAMA Kollektiv, tour with this band and give trumpet lessons for example. From 2016 onwards I've taught private students in Amsterdam in trumpet and beginners in piano. I have also been babysitting occasionally during the whole time I've lived in the Netherlands.

I love children and working with them! From the year 2011 onwards I have worked with kids in Finland in various occasions and environments. I have worked for example as an instructor in some playing areas, playing with children and making sure everything is going good and safe. I’ve also worked for 3 years as a fairytale reader in the public library of my hometown, reading books for children and sharing stories with them. While living in Finland, I also used to do theatre and acting for several years, and I have been involved in drama, comedy, musical and improvisation theatre productions, one of them being a musical theatre piece for children.

I would love to be able to pass on everything I know and take part in making the new generation excited and inspired to find content in their lives from music and other kinds of arts. The experience of succeeding and learning something new is something I think is very important to experience from an early age on. And of course, to have fun at the same time!

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