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Singing & Piano

English, Latvian, basic Dutch

My name is Līva, I`m 24 years old vocalist, musician and performer from Latvia.

Currently studying in Coservatorium van Amsterdam, jazz department as jazz vocalist, I grew up in a musical household with my father being a trumpet player, mother - violin player and teacher. From early age I studied classical piano, while starting to sing and compose my first songs. Later on I continued my studies as a jazz musician in one of the best music high schools in Latvia, where besides singing I gained basic skills of playing drums and electric bass.
I had an opportunity to spend the last semester studying in Los Angeles Thornton school of music, where besides diving into my deepest passion-jazz music, I had a chance to attend acting class, which not only gave new influence to my music, but showed examples of more creative ideas on how to teach singing and stage presence.

Early on I came to a realisation that it`s easy for me to get a long with kids and make our time together worthwile by exploring and learning things in a playfull way.
I`ve had occasional experience teaching 7-9 year olds in a group-choir lessons back in Latvia, which taught me a great deal on how to keep big group of children focused and find individual ways to connect to each one of them.
While studying in Conservatory of Amsterdam I`ve had a course about pedagogy in music where we specifically looked at the approach of teaching different age, level and temperament people.

My motivation as a teacher is pretty similar with what I`m looking for in myself, that is- finding the talents and interests in a child, guiding him through exploration and learning process of specific art forms to later combine or choose only one to create something completely unique- that is to be- a solo piano composition, theatre scene with a pre-recorded background music, singing performance on an imaginary TV show, etc.

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