Saxophone & Poetry

Croatian, English, basic Dutch

Hello, my name is Luka, I am Croatian artist currently studying and working in Amsterdam.

My main artistic focus is music - I have been studying classical saxophone since I was 10 and I dabble in singing, songwriting and playing the piano. My other passion is theatre and writing. I have been a part of theatre groups since my high school years and I have recently been a part of music theatre productions at my Conservatorium as well. I am also writing poetry and I have a few performance art pieces under my belt that dealt with my identity, my body and my place in the world. Finally, I finished a Women's studies course in Zagreb and all of my art tends to have a feminist and activist kick to it. All in all, I am a weird and playful combination of a bunch of art practices.

As the oldest sibling in my family, I have been unofficially employed as the family sitter from a very young age. I was raised by a single mother and I had a lot of responsibilities regarding the upbringing of my little brother. From when he was 2 until he was 14 years old I had to babysit, live with him and go through all his development phases with him. As a young adult (18-24) I occasionally took care of my other two younger brothers, among other children from my family and their friends. What I gathered from this informal childcare experience is an ability to create small creative worlds for children that combine all kinds of artistic and playful activities. I can connect with children from diverse backgrounds, interests and talents
and, with their help, create playful and educational "bubbles" where we learn and grow from each other.