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Percussion, piano, guitar, crafts

Spanish, English, French

Hello, I'm Maria!
First of all I will explain my musical journey. I started playing piano when I was 5 years old. At the age of 9 I started classic percussion in the Conservatoire of my city in Spain, Burgos. Meanwhile I also learned guitar for singing. I did 10 years of classic percussion and in the meantime I've been learning (and I learn) on my own and with people other percussion instruments, specially traditional percussion instruments from the iberian peninsula and other countries.
My professional goal is to use music as a tool for social inclusion. I've been working with people with special needs and music in the past two years. Also I teach and taught music to teenagers (general and specific music knowledge) and children in summer camps and in different music workshops.
The way I see music is not only to learn interpretation or music language (wich I really appreciate), si to enjoy it, have fun and bond with others.
I think percussion and singing makes this possible because they are very accesible for every one. Also traditional music makes people open their minds and respect other cultures.

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