Marta A


Italian, English

My name is Marta and I was born in Italy.

I am a singer, composer, and songwriter, so I mainly work with music and words. I also studied literature at the University in Italy some years ago, so I really love to combine the study of music together with poetry, lyrics-writing, and the language in general. I am mainly a performing artist and my field is jazz, but I am also developing a personal repertoire in folk-pop music, and I’m dedicating more and more time to composition. I attended a course about pedagogy in music, and I hope one day I will become also a singing teacher because I think education is one of the most interesting and important issues nowadays. ​
I am also into visual art, video-making, photography, and illustration, which are passions that I’ve always had since when I was a child.

I get along with children very well, and I have babysitting experience from my years in Italy, where I’ve been working as a babysitter for 2 years.
I love creating and telling stories, inventing songs on the spot, using fantasy and music to imagine new games and ways of having fun together with the others.

Being an art-sitter enriches my comprehension of music and connects me in a very special way with the deep meaning of making and sharing music and, of course, my love for children.