Violin, French Horn

English, Italian, Dutch

My name is Milo, I am 22 years old and I was born in Italy.
Since three years I am studying in Amsterdam, at the Conservatory of Music.
Beside the french horn, I also play the violin, instrument with which I started this musical journey; I keep myself interested in all sorts of different activities, related and not to music, to keep exploring new ways to make me grow as musician but as a person first of all.
During these years in Amsterdam I collaborated with multiple ensemble,
orchestras and masterclasses in all sorts of environments and with all sort of music involved.
Since I am here though I started getting more and more into teaching and what the process of learning means for a student; I felt this step was essential for my future career, to develop and be able to share the information and knowledge I have on this beautiful instrument, but most importantly, on music.
I would love to be able to transmit my passion for this endless world that art is
and I am happy I've found this platform directed to children to help me in this.