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Dutch, English

My name is Mirna, I’m 26 years old and I’m a half Egyptian and half Dutch artist from the Netherlands. I’m a musician, singer, composer, songwriter and producer. I play several instruments, such as: piano, guitar, overtone flute and kalimba. Which has allowed me to record, play, produce and release my own albums. To this date I released two albums with my band and now I am working on my first solo album.

I started to compose my own music from the age of 12. Throughout the years I’ve learnt to manoeuvre in different genres.
In 2019 I completed my studies in world music, improvisation and music technology in both the Netherlands and in Finland.

Alongside my studies, I was involved in many different projects:
I made music with the Salvation Army for 9 years with a group of addicted and homeless people.
I trained people with the Sounds of Change Organisation, to create music with children of all ages in the refugee camps in Greece.
I gave workshops with Kobranie collective (instant composing method) & Lutke Linkt, to create music in group settings age 9-16 for VMBO/HAVO/VWO.
Since 2015 I have been teaching professionally for my own business and for music schools giving singing lessons, band coaching and songwriting. I’ve also babysat children from age 5-8 for 7 years.

I'm experienced in giving (improvised) music workshops with children, teens and adults individually and in big groups. I also have an expertise in voice freedom, which allows me to work with teens/youngsters who are afraid to show themselves and are afraid to fail. It’s my job to facilitate a safe space in which they can explore and learn and teach them the skills they need.

Music is very connected to our emotions and how we feel. My aim is to stimulate children to create what they want. To teach them the skills that they need in a safe space. Children are improvising constantly and somehow if we have to show it, this natural expression, becomes harder to show. What I believe is that learning is and should be fun and everybody should feel safe to learn.

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