Mime & Storytelling

Russian and English, learning Dutch

Hi, my name is Olga. I’m 25 years old.
I was born in St.Petersburg, Russia and spent my childhood in the U.S. I grew up between the Midwest countryside and the city streets of St.Petersburg, Russia. I enjoy traveling to different countries and in the world inside. I find creativity in both. In my travels around the world, seeking out what brings me joy and gives challenges, I found myself meeting with beautiful teachers in storytelling and listening, dance, theater.
Connecting my studies in psychology and my passion in dance brought me to the desire to do physical theater. Now I am currently studying at the Mime school here in Amsterdam. I am interested in doing theater work for and with children.

I’ve worked with children in museums, in classrooms, in camps and in private homes. In interaction with children, my value is being honest, sharing, opening a space for their development and directing it with a caring eye and heart. I believe in listening, in play, in the enjoyment of movement to explore how to better understand the body-mind/mind-body connection for creativity in life and art.
From the kaleidoscope of things I have experienced my interests are in somatic movement approaches, yoga, floor-work and contemporary dance, physical theater, storytelling. I am curious to explore inspiration from daily life, poems, music.


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