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Singing, Theatre, Literature

English, beginner Dutch

Hello, my name is Sabine! I am a soprano, actor, artist, and singing teacher, and also love working with children. I hold a degree in Vocal Performance (Classical and Pop/rock), Musicology, and Anthropology from University College Roosevelt, and have just finished my studies in Opera/Klassiek Solozang at Fontys AMPA. I have also trained as an actor (film and theatre) at the Mulholland Academy in Amsterdam, and in September will begin a Masters at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, with a focus on creating experimental opera. My artistry is currently focused toward expanding my role as 'performer' to include original creation - spanning theatremaking, directing, and composing. I also find a lot of joy in sharing this with others, through tutoring and teaching, particularly with children. I've had experience in childcare/nannying since I was about 17, both longterm and shorter-term. In addition to nannying for families with smaller children or babies, I’ve also had experience as a teacher/mentor in several settings: I’ve done volunteer work with mentally disabled children and adolescents teaching horseback riding, coached children’s sport teams (basketball, boys and girls ages 6-11), and currently I give private singing lessons and English tutoring, to adults as well as younger students. I have a passion for music, theatre, literature, writing, and film, and would love to share any of these with young kids!

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