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English, Nepali, Hindi and a bit of Dutch

Hello, I am Samyog. I was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. Growing up with influences from all around the world, I was exploring many genres growing up, including my local traditional music, jazz and Eastern classical music. After doing my Bachelors in ethnomusicology, I studied Composition where I got the fascination and attachment with the big band. Having researched about my traditional music back home, I wanted to do something different and explore new sounds that I envisioned. So after my studies in Nepal, I decided to take the next step in my musical career and decided to move to the Netherlands for my further education. Currently in The Netherlands I have been composing for various ensembles including my quintet, Septet and as well as for the CVA Big band.
I have also been an actively involved in music education starting in Kathmandu as well as here in the Netherlands. I have been teaching students of all ages and backgrounds. Whether it is children who are just starting with their first instrument, adults who want to do music as a hobby, or future young professionals who take the art very seriously; I inspire the students and make their goals come to fruition in a positive, engaging and organic way.

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