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Piano & Composition

English, beginner Dutch, Cantonese, Mandarin, beginner Japanese

Hello, this is Seen! I am a composer/arranger/pianist from Hong Kong born in 1996. As an obedient little kid, I began taking classical piano and flute lessons due to my parent’s unfulfilled dreams. I also started writing short pieces and transcribing music I heard from the television. In my teenage years, I taught myself to play pop music and form bands with my friends, while also began taking classical vocal lessons. I pursued my first bachelor’s degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a classical piano major. At the age of 20 I fell in love with jazz. I had the opportunity to study as an exchange student at the University at North Carolina (Chapel Hill) in the US for one year, where I focused on playing jazz and writing for large jazz ensembles. The jazz music language resonates with me very strongly and allows me to channel my creative energy. In 2016 I made the decision to move to the Netherlands to study jazz composition/arranging at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

My musical journey has been full of twists and turns, and I am always excited about sharing what I’ve learned with others. As a high school student, I started giving music lessons. Over the years I have been teaching students aging from 5 to 60, both in private and group settings. With particularly a lot of experience teaching children, I have learned to communicate with little ones well and to spend good time with them at ease. I understand that we all approach music in various ways and everyone needs a different style of guidance. I am always looking forward to getting to know my students and experimenting with how I can help them grow along the way.

When I am not listening, writing or practicing music, I enjoy reading, cooking, doing yoga and caring for my house plants.

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