Flute & Painting

Portuguese, English, basic Dutch

My name is Teresa, and I was born and raised in Portugal.

I’m living and studying in Amsterdam for 5 years and besides my studies in historical performance as a flute player at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, sociology, philosophy, and pedagogy are among my interests.
The arts are with no doubt an important part of education and creative activities are proved to be enriching in the process of personal development. As a regular babysitter for 3 years and a former music teacher in Portugal, dealing with children from 1 to 12 y.o, I’m happy I’ve found the platform that allows me to combine my “part-time job” with my field of study.

More than teaching how to play an instrument, I hope this direct contact with children in their own environment, through new methods inspired by improvisation and freedom, will raise curiosity, creativity, sensibility and mostly pleasure in playing and listening to music, which is the fundamental part of musical education of the youth!