Hello. My name is Valeryia and  I study Choreography at the Academy of Theater and Dance in Amsterdam.


Before coming to Amsterdam, I just finished the university of Arts in Belarus, as choreographer, dancer and dance teacher. When I lived in my hometown Minsk, I used to work with children (7-11 years, 14+ years). I taught movement classes, gymastics, general physical training and professional dance classes. I'm interested in children, how they see, perceive, think and also how they teach you back. Among my experience there is one, that brought to me some discoveries - with my colleague we were giving a few workshops for children of different age ( 6-14) in Architectural Thinking School for Kids, where we were exploring what is movement together, architecture in movement, dance and choreography not only through our bodies but also visually and by creating things.

I would like to share/show them this world, where imagination and questions make everything more colorful, different and alive. Working with children is a very specific activity that requires patience, openness, creativity, energy, but it also gives a lot back. I know it from personal experience. It would be an interesting experience for me to work with children who have a different mentality as well as to see what and how much I can engage and interact with them, learn with them and build a language together.


Languages: Russian, Belarusian, English


+316 3333 6112


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