My name is Vanessa and I come from Athens, Greece. I came to the Netherlands to study music in Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam.

I study and perform world music. I love sounds from the whole world and I love the way music brings people together. As a performing artist, I am having concerts in Greece, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

I love to sing, creating sounds and I love to teach singing and music! During the lessons, I am focusing in singing and meditating, creating fun games during the teaching procedure. I believe that the most important thing in art is the pleasure that comes through it and I try to create this atmosphere during the lessons.

I have experience with children and childcare (children summer camps), but it is something that I really want to try and spend some creative and fun time with children, inventing fun games for them and making them love music as well!

Languages: English, Greek


+316 3333 6112

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